5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200 Dollars (That Are Actually In Stock)

5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200 Dollars (That Are Actually In Stock)

So you want to start playing guitar, but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars. Or you want a spare guitar to keep in the car or at a friend so you’ll always have a guitar handy.

Here’s the thing: you can buy a good, quality guitar for not that much money. Here’s a list and review of the 5 best acoustic guitars under 200 dollars.

I read through a lot of guitar recommendation posts, and what I noticed is that most of the guitars people were recommending for under $200 were out of stock or unavailable. What’s the point of writing a post and recommending guitars that no one can buy? 

So, to counteract that, here’s a list of great quality, budget friendly guitars that are actually in stock as of the time of this writing (November 2020).

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The Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200 Dollars

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic GuitarJasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar
  • Gloss natural
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Laminate spruce top
  • Sapele back and sides
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Synthetic bone nut and saddle
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Glarry GT509Glarry GT509
  • Spruce front
  • Basswood body
  • Cutaway design to make reaching the upper frets easier
  • Rounded fret edges
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Fender CD-60 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar (V3) - With Case - Black - Walnut FingerboardFender CD-60 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar (V3) – With Case – Black – Walnut Fingerboard
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Spruce top with scalloped “x”-bracing, mahogany back and sides
  • easy-to-play neck with rolled fingerboard edges
  • Walnut fingerboard and bridge
  • Includes hardshell case
  • Hand orientation: right
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YAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic GuitarYAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
  • Solid sitka spruce top
  • Nato back & sides
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Diecast tuners
  • This guitar has an adjustable truss rod
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WINZZ 39 Inches Classical Guitar Full Size Beginner Acoustic with Bag Capo Tuner StringsWINZZ 39 Inches Classical Guitar Full Size Beginner Acoustic with Bag Capo Tuner Strings
  • Perfect for all playersthe entry-level classical guitar is a great ideal for beginners, students, gu
  • Superb& captivating tone equipped with selected basswood top back and sides that offers a warm, smoo
  • Traditional & exquisite craftsmanshipmaster craftsman designs and makesrosettes, purflings, bindings
  • Unique & appealing appearance features high glossy varnish with exquisite, delicate pattern around t
  • Full starter kitthe package will come with gig bag, tuner, capo, extra strings and cleaning cloth. e
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Jasmine S34C Nex

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar
Our top pick for affordable acoustic guitar!

At a 4.5 star rating with a whopping 1200 reviews, you know this guitar is the real deal. It is made by the same people who make Takamine guitars, which go for over 1000 dollars! It has a livelier, more open sound than you would expect for a guitar in this price range. 


Spruce top

rosewood fingerboard, 

synthetic bone nut and saddle

advanced x bracing system 


You get a guitar made by top guitar craftsman at a fraction of the price. 


Some reviewers mentioned the tuners aren’t the best quality


Fender CD-60 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar (V3) 

Fender CD-60 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar (V3) – With Case – Sunburst – Walnut Fingerboard

Fender CD-60 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar (V3) - With Case - Sunburst - Walnut Fingerboard

A great, affordable guitar, with a balanced tone and plenty of volume. 

This guitar has a balanced tone and plenty of volume. Reviewers laud the great sound – one even called the guitar “unbelievably good for the price!”


spruce top with scalloped x bracing 

mahogany neck

rosewood fingerboard

dual action truss rod

die-cast tuners

available in three finishes (natural, sunburst, black)

includes hardshell case


Great sound and value for an affordable price

Comes with hardshell case to protect your guitar


Guitar neck isn’t tapered so the guitar may be slightly uncomfortable to play

One reviewer says the finish scratched easily


Yamaha FG800

YAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

YAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

An authentic, well balanced sound earns this affordable guitar its positive reviews.

This affordable guitar has an authentic, well balanced sound. With nearly 700 reviews, it has a 4.5 star rating. Most of the reviewers say it is a great guitar for the price.


Spruce top

Mahogany body

Nato wood back and sides

rosewood fingerboard

diecast tuners

adjustable truss rod

scalloped bracing design


Great guitar for under 200


May buzz in the beginning until you stretch the strings


Glarry GT509

Glarry GT509

Glarry GT509

An excellent cheap, yet good quality guitar.

A great option to look at when considering lower-priced guitars is a Glarry guitars. Glarry guitars are cheap, yet still good quality. The GT509 has a pleasant, warm tone, and is great for beginners. You can choose four different finishes: natural, blue, black, or sunset. The guitar also comes with a pick, shoulder strap, capo, gig bag, truss rod adjuster, and tuner.

Spruce front

Basswood body

Cutaway design to make reaching the upper frets easier

Rounded fret edges


Great value

Comes with accessories so you don’t need to buy them separately.


Some reviewers mentioned that it buzzed a little bit


Winzz 39 Inch Classical Guitar (full size)

WINZZ 39 Inches Classical Guitar Full Size Beginner Acoustic with Bag Capo Tuner Strings

WINZZ 39 Inches Classical Guitar Full Size Beginner Acoustic with Bag Capo Tuner Strings

A great beginner guitar that comes with plenty of gear.

Winzz is the line of fretted instruments by Aileen music. This is a great beginner guitar that also comes with a gig bag, tuner, capo, extra strings, and a cleaning cloth.


Black richlite wood fingerboard and bridge

Protective ABS Black Color Binding

Two-way truss rod

Selected basswood top, back and sides

Birch wood neck and headstock

Golden plated 3-in-line machine head

Nylon strings


Very affordable

Comes with lots of great gear


Not as many reviews so it’s a bit more uncertain what you are actually getting

Different types of Acoustic guitars

There are many different types and shapes of guitar. Here are the few most common. Keep them in mind when deciding which guitar you want to buy. (It may not be so applicable when buying a cheap guitar, since there aren’t as many options, but you want to know this before buying a higher-end guitar.)

Dreadnought Guitars

Dreadnought is the most common body shape for a guitar. The dreadnought is large and produces a bold sound, with a large tonal range. 

Parlor Guitars

Parlor guitars are smaller than dreadnoughts, which make them popular with people who are on the smaller size. They have a softer, more intimate sound

Jumbo Guitars

These guitars are, as their name suggests, jumbo, or larger bodied. That larger body lends to a much louder volume than other guitars.

Auditorium Guitars

Auditorium guitars have a more pronounced, curved-inward waist, so they sit more snugly on the knee. Its size is in between dreadnought and parlor.

Grand Auditorium Guitars

Grand auditorium guitars are large versions of auditorium guitars, so they have a similar sound, only louder. 

Classical guitars

Classical guitars are nylon-stringed, which gives a softer sound. But don’t be fooled. Just because it has nylon strings does not mean it is only for beginners. Certain types of music, such as jazz, are better played on a nylon-stringed guitar.

Things to look for when buying a budget acoustic guitar

The most important thing to remember when buying a guitar under 200 dollars is that many of the guitars sold in that price range are meant for children. They will say things like “½” or “¾” meaning they are one half or three quarters of the size of a regular guitar. They might also say things like “36 inches” – a full-size guitar is closer to 41 inches.

Keep that in mind, and make sure that that perfect guitar you have your eyes on is actually the perfect (full) size for you.

There are many other things to look at when purchasing an acoustic guitar, as well. 

The first thing to consider is if you want steel strings or nylon strings. Nylon strings are more beginner-friendly, as they are softer and won’t hurt your fingers as much before you get callused. Most professional guitarists prefer steel strings, as they sound crisper and louder. They are sharper, though, and will hurt the uncallused finger, so be warned.

Another thing to consider is the wood and finish of the guitar. Different woods give different sounds, plus they are different colors.

Hand in hand with that is the finish you prefer on your guitar – classic wood, black, sunburst (darker brown on the edges of the guitar, lighter brown closer to the middle)

You might also want to think about cutaway versus non cutaway guitar. A cutaway guitar has an indentation where the neck of the guitar meets the body, which gives easier access to the higher frets. This can be helpful and make playing some chords easier, but does affect the overall sound of the guitar.

Guitars without a cutaway have a better volume and overall fuller sound, while guitars with a cutaway have a lighter, brighter sound. This is because the guitar sound is created by the vibrations moving through the body of the guitar, and if the body of the guitar is shaped differently, the vibrations hit different places and end up sounding different. 


An acoustic guitar under 200 dollars is a great find for a budding musician, or as a spare guitar for an experienced musician. They are affordable, still have good sound, and are fun to just bang around on without having to worry about ruining your expensive guitar.

I would recommend the first guitar on this list, the Jasmine S34C Nex, but any of these will give you great sound for the cheap price you pay. 

If you are looking for an affordable electric guitar, then check out the best electric guitars under 300 dollars.

If you want a better quality guitar, check out the best acoustic guitars under 1500 dollars.

Happy playing!

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